Hi, amigos del queso. I'm so pleased to be getting back out into the world again after a couple years of practicing (!) It's time to be thinking "Wisconsin" once more. With all that's going on in the world, may we gather for community and sanity's sake? I say yes.
Here's what's in the pipeline

Wednesday 11/16 ~ ?
Thursday 11/17 ~ ?
Friday 11/18 ~ Eau Claire (TBA)
Saturday 11/19 ~ St Croix Falls, WI ~ Dancing Dragonfly Winery
Sunday 11/20 ~ ?
Monday 11/21 ~ ?

I'm most open to your ideas just about anywhere in the state (including Minnesota) to fill in the question marks...towns that come to mind are Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Stevens Point, Green Bay, La Cross, tell me more.

I even forgive Aaron Rogers for saying "Chicago, I own you."