Hey, let's step out of the time-space continuum next week and get together...a crisp (!) concert hour plus a chance to say hi in the
after-gathering, all on Zoom:
Wednesday, April 13th ~ 7-9 PM Eastern Time) on Zoom
Meeting ID: 883 9648 2371
Passcode: 137242
Capacity: 100

This is a free concert, and for those of you who continue to ask, donations are welcomed. This time a portion of every donation received will go to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund
Here's how to contribute:
~ PayPal.me/davidrothmusic
(kindly use the friends/family/no fee option if you can)
~ Venmo ~ @David-Roth-122
~ check payable to David Roth and sent to
PO Box 495, Orleans, MA 02653

Going back about a million years, I'll take a stab at "Waltzing Imelda" for the occasion - a numerical musical min-opera about the year I was doing my taxes while hearing about Imelda Marcos's collection of 6,000 pairs of shoes. Somehow the numbers got juxtaposed.
Fact checkers, get out your calculators.
And I'll sing a song for the season written years back with Anne Hills.

"Spring From Darkness Into Light"
This song came about because of Linn Sorge, a teacher, advocate, musician, weaver and friend who happens to be blind. She never ceases to amaze and challenge. When Anne's mother lost her sight Linn gave her "insight" into ways she could make her mom's life easier as well as a deeper understanding of what it feels like to live in darkness ~ and in light.

Let us sit and talk together, let me help you understand
Since I know that you are reaching let me take your hand
I can't see you as you see me but I see with inner sight
It is quiet, it is thoughtful, it is beautiful and bright

Day or night, night or day
We move forward either way
Night or day, day or night
Spring from darkness into light

Some of us see shadows, dim or undefined
Some see color, some see nothing, many kinds of blind
I am reading with my fingers, I am seeing with my ears
And my heart is always searching for answers, just like yours


When I'm walking in the garden and I smell the fresh, green ground
I can tell which birds are singing, do the colors match their sound? Are we more alike than different, can we help each other see
Build a bridge of common vision, you to me

Let us sit and talk together, will you help me understand
Since you know that I am reaching, will you take my hand
You can't see me as I see you, but we see with inner sight
It is profound, and it is powerful, it is beautiful and bright

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 10.37.00 AM
I'm getting back into the world a wee bit as well with a LIVE concert in Southern California this month (Sunday April 24th ~ 3 PM at Grace First Presbyterian Church in Long Beach ~ see flyer below)
plus more in the works...

June 12-21 ~ Ireland
July 24-20 ~ SummerSongs Songwriting Camp

August 11-17 ~ North Carolina
September 14-19 ~ Kansas City
October 6-14 ~ Scotland
November 16-21 ~ Wisconsin, Midwest

If you're anywhere around those places and would like to talk about adding an event, just drop me a line @ davidrothmusic@gmail.com

Continued offerings...
• Virtual concerts for your coffeehouse/concert series
• Private online concert for your family/friends/special occasion
• Keynotes, concerts, musical interludes for your conference
• One-to-five day courses on songwriting for camps, retreats
• Custom song (and recording) for a friend or loved one
• Songwriting coaching ~ all levels
• Guitar lessons (standard and alternate tunings)
• Sermon-in-Song for your church, synagogue, spiritual community
Thank you as ever for your kind attention and interest in my work.
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