Hi, my friends in California..this is just to you, and of a more personal nature. I hope you don't mind me reaching out in this way. There's an easy unsubscribe to my e-mail list if you drop me a note. No offense or sensitivity intended.

Some of you know my mom Gloria, who's been living in her little ranch house in the Mar Vista/Marina Del Rey area since the mid 70's when she fled the cold winters of our native Chicago.

In all these years of living there independently, at 95 years old she's finally taken the turn my sister and I expected - needing a level of care that is constant rather than occasional. She won't move back east where her two kids are. I've been out here a couple weeks for starters at her home (what an education, and blessings on the CA health system, who has been sending her visiting nurses, OT's, caseworkers, speech therapists, and a hospital bed to boot). My sister comes in tonight, and we continue to put the pieces together of a brand new family puzzle.

I'm reaching out to you only in the spirit of networking.
We're looking for referrals to trustworthy hourly home health care workers all the way to considering a live-in support person (there's a room in the back of the house with it's own full bathroom) and all things in between. The agencies we've used are inconsistently great and sometimes less than.

Mom's in the 90066 zip code, ten minutes north of LAX. We're making a list as any and all backup is welcomed to our being here in person with our mom, and if I've learned anything in this life, it's that it never hurts to ask. Anyone!

Thanks for your ideas, thoughts, input, recommendations, and understanding at this time. We have many friends who have a version of this story at this point in our lives, and here comes ours.

with gratitude

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