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Hi friends...I hope this finds you safe and well.

The weeks (and months!) are rolling by, and new terms like "social distancing" and "Zoom fatigue" have found their way into our everyday vernacular. If there's an end in sight, for me it portends a new way of moving around in this new world with constant reinvention of how to do exactly that.

I've had recent conversations with my friend Stan Sikorski (of the Lands End Inn in Provincetown) and he and Eva have been running the Inn all summer at full capacity on both levels (garden and main). He's all for having our retreats in person come January and March, with newer COVID guidelines in place that can be adapted from the busy summer season to the sparser winter months.

The first thing I need to know from you past attendees is how many of you are interested in coming in person January 4-8 or March 1-5, 2021. I'm aware there are a lot of factors in play here.

11 of 18 rooms are spoken for in January as of today.
5 of 18 are spoken for in March.

I haven't taken a penny in deposits to this point, nor have I marketed the retreats just yet. I'm reaching out to you first. Can you kindly send me an e-mail to let me know if you're interested? This isn't a commitment, but it will go a long way in helping me know how to proceed.

Of course I dearly want this to happen, but I also respect science and safety (even more than politicians). There's a good chunk of time between now and then to work stuff out.

Thank you for being part of our community!