It's time for my next online concert (I haven't done one in about 3 months), and this hour-long event on Monday, August 24th ~ 7 PM EST will be called "Ready for Change" after my new song recently previewed on Facebook as follows:

No matter where anyone lands on the side of anything, August 11, 2020 will go down as an historic and ground-breaking day for our country with the emergence of Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential nominee on the Democratic ticket. "Kamala" is Sanskrit for "lotus". The lotus flower is considered a symbol of rebirth, rising from darkness and turning into a beautiful flower.

Ready for Change
© 2020 David Roth

I’m ready for change
I’m ready to move
There’s no one to blame
There’s too much to do

I’m ready to go
To get back on track
It’s time to move on
And there’s no turning back

It’s my sacred job
To strike some kind of chord
To challenge and help
Not to measure and sort

Everyone gets a chance
With nothing to prove
And when I do my part
Then the mountain will move

I’m ready to roll
Roll up my sleeves
With passion and purpose
And we can achieve

The high promise of truth
And the fight for what’s fair
To see that all people
Get their fair share

I’m ready for change
I’m ready to go
It’s long overdue
And a debt that we owe

Everyone gets a chance
With nothing to prove
And when I do my part
Then the mountain will move

When I do my part
Then the mountain will move

*This is a call and response song, so get ready to sing
if you're ready for change! Just come to my Facebook page at the appointed hour that evening:

IF you'd like to attend the "after party" @ 8:30 PM that night,
send me an e-mail at davidrothmusic@gmail.com and I'll set up a zoom meeting for up to 25 folks (the most I can fit on one screen). We can catch up a bit and have our new kind of community gathering.
This stunning painting is by Carol Jo Roeder from last year's river-rafting trip in Idaho. Has a year gone by? I'm writing from Salmon, ID tonight, and 28 of us have convened once more. We'll cover 82 miles of the Main Stem of the Salmon River this week, and spirits are high as we explore remote regions with all sorts of socially-distanced sea-crafts and surrounded by negative ions, fresh air, and the water of life. See you on the other side.