It's time to resume where we left off - Florida in January 2023 !
It'll be 3 years come then since I was down your way and it warms my heart to think of returning. I've had plenty of time to practice, and now it's time to start singing standing up and fully dressed!

And there is much to sing about, Florida.

January 20-30 is my jigsaw puzzle, and if you have a piece to add, kindly get in touch and geography and spirit-willing, I'll come your way with a batch of old and new songs to rekindle our connections.

*And I've also got a bit of sticker shock for the prices of rental cars, gas, air tix in this new paradigm, so please know that while I'm not a musical mercenary (!), I'll be looking for opportunities that will help offset two years of not touring, as much as can be...thanks for your understanding! I've got some catching up to do.

So do we.

Friday 1/20 ~ open
Sat 1/21 ~ open
Sun 1/22 ~ St Petersburg (AM)
Sun 1/22 ~ Palm Beach Gardens (PM)
Mon 1/23 ~ open
Tues 1/24 ~ Poinciana Island, FL (private)
Weds 1/25 ~ open
Thurs 1/26 ~ open
Friday 1/27 ~ Jacksonville (mid-day)
Friday 1/27 ~ open (evening)
Sat 1/28 ~ open
Sun 1/29 ~ Jacksonville (AM)

see you soon