SummerSongs 2017 group photo
You may have heard the phrase "happy campers" over the years.
This is what we look like.
And after three long years, we meet in person once more at the end of July this very season, for the 24th annual SummerSongs songwriting and creativity retreat in rural Rockland County just outside New York City.

Sunday July 24 - Saturday July 30th, 2022

While we did take a couple of summers (guess which ones?) to meet virtually at what we called SyberSongs we've been gearing up for this event with great anticipation and care-full planning to insure as safe and as meaningful an experience as possible for all. I thank my Board of Directors profusely for our spirited and just about every-other-week meetings ALL this time, for all the planning and preparation.

And you are most welcome to join us! There's still time to register:

Never written a song before? Not an issue. We've got generous and world-class instructors to guide you through a full schedule of classes on songwriting singing, performance, creativity, connection, communication, and coffeehouses! Here are some of the courses you can take:

Writing Your Soul Song
Melody and Freedom
Singing Heart, Body, and Soul
Harnessing Poetry for Songwriting
Break Up Your Patterns (guitar class!)
Grain of Salt (feedback for works in progress)
Step Up to the Stage
Shadow Songs
Singing in Harmony
Playing Well Together

This will be a different kind of retreat with the backdrop of our current world and in our awarenesses. The heart of it remains the same, the tone set when we began in 1999 with our founder and guiding light, Penny Nichols.
She remains with us in spirit, always. And gather we must.

Please feel free to get in touch.

with gratitude