On my just-completed musical tour of Ireland with friends, fans, and guests, an Irishman told our group that we were great representatives of the United (!) States.

This was a humble, curious, open-minded, engaging, attentive, sensitive, respectful, music/poetry/prose-loving, and grateful group of people.

What have we come back to? There would be more than 6,000 different answers among you, I would imagine.
I also imagine we all don't agree on all things.

When asked what his religion was, His Holiness the Dalai Lama responded with one word: "Kindness". Where has kindness gone? Where can I find it in myself and in others, especially those I disagree with? How can my actions (not just thoughts and prayers) open a locked door even a sliver? This my self-inquiry when I encounter the outright ugliness of imagined right and wrong and when I experience who I perceive as immovable.
I know this: I will not impose my beliefs on others.
I'll listen more than I'll speak.

And I will sing.
Ketanji © 2022 David Roth

There’s a new name in our awareness
Who has climbed a height where few have gone
This is a wondrous appointment
Ketanji, Ketanji Brown Jackson

There are those who did oppose you
There are those who lent support
One generation from segregation
We’ve got a new judge on our Court

Ketanji, Justice Ketanji
Oh what a bar you raise
Ketanji, Justice Ketanji
We sing your name with praise

In a moment history changes
In an instant consciousness shifts
When you raise your hand, you raise us all
We will be better for your gifts


Rise above the spite of shallow haters
Who have lost their way
You shine a light, you are the change
You bring us to a brand new day

There’s a new name in our awareness
You have climbed a height where few have gone
And I stand in the light of your guidance
Ketanji, Ketanji Brown Jackson


5 ~ Kennett Square, PA ~ Crosslands Concert Series (I'm Zooming in)

21 ~ ONLINE ~ Mid-Summer's Night Dream concert/afterparty ~ 7:30 PM
* Join me from anywhere in the world for this concert hour
and hear "Ketanji" sung for all the world to know ~ and become (re)acquainted with my special musical guest and tech person, Glen Roethel!

24-30 ~ Stony Point, NY ~ 24th SummerSongs songwriting camp!
* This is our first in-person gathering since the summer of 2019, and we can't wait. Instructors include Anne Heaton, Pat Wictor, Sloan Wainwright, Mark Dann, Glen Roethel, Melinda Wood-Allen, Steven Prasinos, and yours truly, all at the amazing Stony Point Center in Rockland County, NY. Farm-to-table food, free-trade gift shop, spacious grounds for social distancing. Many (including me) call this event "life changing". Join our generous, humble, and loving gaggle! There is time to register for the week.
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30 ~ Poughkeepsie, NY ~ Hudson Valley Folk Guild concert series
31 ~ Middleburgh, NY ~ 4 PM ~ Middleburgh Public Library

13 ~ Black Mountain, NC ~ private event
14 ~ Franklin, NC ~ Holly Springs Community Center
15 ~ Franklin, NC ~ guest speaker ~ UU Fellowship of Franklin
17 ~ Raleigh, NC ~ 7 PM ~ Fortnight Brewing Company
27 ~ Long Beach, CA ~ TBA

3 ~ Kensington, NH ~ 2nd annual @ Crows’ Feat Farm
14-17 ~ Lee's Summit, MO ~ 17th Annual EmPower Music Festival
18 ~ Independence, MO ~ 10 AM guest speaker @ Unity of Independence
19 ~ Kansas City, MO ~ North Oak Church ~
24-30 (and thru 10/3) ~ Ireland Music Tour ~ (full) Cork, Kerry Clare

6-14 ~ Scotland Music Tour (full) ~ Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Inverness
23 ~ ONLINE ~ sermon in song ~ UU Central Delaware

16 ~ Lansing, MI ~ Ten Pound Fiddle @ the Robin Theater
18 ~ Eau, Claire, WI ~ 7:30 PM concert @ Unity of Eau Claire
19 ~ St Croix Falls, WI ~ 10th Annual Concert @ Dancing Dragonfly Winery
20 ~ St Charles, IL ~ 3 PM ~ Fine Line Creative Arts Center

Thanks as ever.