Greetings friends!
Summer is right around the corner and I'm gearing up for many camps, workshops, and events. Here I'll highlight one here if you're in the
mid-Atlantic (or beyond). More than a music camp

Common Ground on the Hill/Traditions Week #3
July 7-12, 2019

I'll be part of three activities (and much more between the cracks)
~ teaching my Songwriting 101 class all week - the basics for ALL levels
~ part of the daily Big Song Swap - you bring a song too!
~ once more conducting my Instant Angelic Choir - again, for ALL levels

This week offers multi-cultural aspects of exploration and study...not only music, but folk arts of all kinds and disciplines, and weeklong workshops about what's going on in the world from a wide range of can get a rich experience of many things where we remember that music is but one way to connect, to listen, and to be heard. Check out the schedule below.

Whatever you're doing this summer, come be part of a community!

* I also greatly look forward to concerts next month in
~ Sterling, VA June 22nd for Focus Music
~ Bon Air, VA June 23rd at Unity of Bon Air

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