Practice Makes Progress (2008)




Practice Makes Progress ~ 2008 ~ ENHANCED CD…16 new songs plus a VIDEO of title song many themes ranging from holistic to hilarious, poignant to improbable … a songwriter’s life, media sensationalism, quick problem solving, personal healing, Ghandi’s introduction of civil disobedience, appreciation, Hurricane Katrina relief, the space program, relationships, overcoming fear, Middle East conflict resolution, gratitude, a song for Cindy Sheehan, building community (written with 92 third graders!), and a ukulele lullaby
Tracks: My Work Day * No Apologies * Lipstick in the Mirror * Things That Do Not Serve Me *Satyagraha * You Remind Me *Community of Faith * Subscriptions * Rocket Science * Practice Makes Progress * Ahmed Al-Khatib * Valentine in Panama * Special Penny * Ranch of All Compassion * We Belong Together * Time for Bed


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